The G-Wagen operated mostly unchanged from 1979 to 2018

9/5/2021, 8:57:50 PM
The G-Wagen operated mostly unchanged from 1979 to 2018, but for the 2019 model year, things were switched up. The modernized G-Class was a step into the early 21st century, but it was still an internal combustion SUV ready to be left behind in the 2020s. That would not do for an all-electric Mercedes future, so the company's EQ division has a solution. This is the EQG Concept, a look at an all-electric future for the car that was once so legendary for refusing to leave the past. Since it is merging a decades-old icon with an electric sub-brand that has gone out of its way to define its own design language within the Mercedes family, it looks like a perfect halfway point between the two identities. The two-box shape, rear-mounted box where a spare tire would go, and angular fender flares are unmistakably G-Class. The light-up fascia, LED strip searchlight atop the roof rack, and the odd rectangular shape of what looks like the spare tire cover (but is actually storage for the charging cable) indicate membership in Mercedes EQ's unique line of all-electric cars.

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