While the Battista looks like a mid-engine supercar, it

9/2/2021, 3:15:36 PM
While the Battista looks like a mid-engine supercar, it isn’t. Instead, it uses four electric motors, one at each wheel, and a massive T-shaped battery pack. At some level, the Battista’s form factor is a comforting costume. It looks the way it does because that’s the way exotic cars are supposed to look. Climbing up out of the city into the surrounding hills, the Battista’s potential becomes apparent. Chasing a Tesla pace car, the achievement here is steering feel. There’s some movement on the wheel from the torque-vectoring algorithm, but the Pininfarina engineers have precisely mapped the electronic power steering to counter any overboost. Some credit may also go to the Rimac team that put together the base calculations upon which the Pininfarina is built. And great god of acceleration, this thing feels like it reaches escape velocity with blinding suddenness. There’s so much torque, it feels like the standard pound-foot is wearing a size 14 clodhopper. It’s the sort of overwhelming twist that makes drivers tense their necks to fight being strangled, the sort of thrust that has gives passengers a new curve in their spines. It’s astonishing. Would you take the Battista over something like the Lotus Evija?

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